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What you want, when you need it. Welcome to visit our website. As a professional manufacturer of microscope,telescope&binoculars,magnifier.our top priority is getting you the quality product you want, when you need them. How do we do it?

Our products

We are committed to providing full range of microscope, telescope and related accessories, with competitive price, best advice and assistance in all aspects of optical products.

Our people

We have staff of trained product experts available by phone if you have any questions, need a custom-made product. We have experienced workers and QC staff work carefully to make sure each products are well made.

Call us at: 0086 574 8726 0833

You can also email us at sales@henglan-optics.com

Our mission

Our goal is to provide reliable and quality products and equipment to education, research, medicine and hobby.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, which is why we only supply products of an excellent standard at cost-effective rates and only provide quality, efficient services.

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